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Take A Hike

Here to share hikers' stories and provide brainfood for outdoor enthusiasts.

Aug 13, 2019

Alexander Smirnoff is a SoCal native who gravitated to the snowy mountains...and then climbed them all. He got his start by adventuring with experienced outdoor athletes. Once he built up his skill set, strength, and confidence in his abilities, he went on to climb Whitney, Rainier, Orizaba and Denali. Alexander shares...

Aug 6, 2019

Take a hike with Jamie Siebold, the founder and owner of Wander Woman Gear, a company that specializes in sustainable, reusable wipes. Jamie created Wander Wipes so that the perfect pee rag could exist. Her criteria? Hygienic, eco-friendly, absorbent, and scent-free.

Jamie turns a sensitive topic into a fun conversation...